Begin Rant: Let the Christian bashing begin… again

5 07 2010

There are many causes and issues which I have an interest in. Two of my top three are undoubtedly opposition to the internet filter and support for same-sex marriage. I support both of these positions because they are both stupid, baseless policies and fundamentally wrong.

Both of these issues are connected by another characteristic: the false belief that these are Christian positions. But I’m a Christian, and I don’t support them.

The recent comments by our new Prime Minister have spurred yet another round of Christian bashing… simply peruse the many comments on the many stories and blogs and you will see comment after comment saying Christians this or Christians that, mixed with a little misconstruing of separation of Church and State. This is despite the fact that Julia Gillard is an atheist.

Again, I’m a Christian, I support same sex marriage. I’m a Christian, and I oppose the internet filter. It’s safe to say the Australian Christian Lobby doesn’t represent me.

There are many good Christian people in our community who also hold these positions. Christians who want to help but feel under siege; their opinion apparently invalid because some other group has defined what their position is based on their faith.

For both of these issues I think many Australians, whether they be people of faith or not, see them as superficial distractions designed only to deliver cheap votes and neither of them worthy of the continued debate. The only reason to keep these issues alive is to further exacerbate the Christian vs non-Christian divide that both sides of politics seem to be favouring as the latest wedge to divide our community.

Absolutely no one will be harmed by allowing same-sex marriage or dropping an expensive pointless filter. Just let gay people get married, and drop the filter, get over it, and let’s get on with things that are far more critical for our leaders to be paying attention to.

In the meantime, lay off the Christian bashing? Prejudice and stupidity has nothing to do with faith.

End Rant

P.S. Before you ask… the third of my top three issues is regional development.



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5 07 2010

I think as shown by the Premier of NSW that there are many Christians out there that would support Same Sex Relationships and I think there are also many non-christians who don’t support it and I think the ACL is just trying to stand up for what they feel is “family values” which is debatable

5 07 2010

The problem is that the ACL and its viewpoints seem to be treated as, politically, the only Christian vote that matters, the one that drives policy and is thought of when the term ‘family/community values’ comes up. They’re vocal, they’re out there and they’re listened to. When you need someone to represent/comment on the ‘Christian’ perspective on a hot-button topic, you turn to the ACL.

Until such a time as their unrepresentative viewpoint is challenged and ultimately marginalized, Christian, in the political sphere, will continue to equal ACL. All Christians are going to be tarred with the same brush until they stop letting the ACL and its ilk set the agenda and tone.

5 07 2010

As a fellow Christian, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve never been able to understand how gay marriage could belittle hetrosexual marriage. And the Internet filter, function creep is my biggest concern. The next John Howard, declaring “Your Rights at Work” as misleading and so adding it to the filter list.
When I feel like causing a stir, asking the ACL brigade if they’re complying with Ezekiel 23:20 is always fun.

5 07 2010
Kathryn Crosby

Ezekiel 23:20 (New International Version)
20 There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

Are you sure that’s the one you ment?

5 07 2010


I’m looking forward to the ACL, following this passage to the letter. ;-)

If the “inerrant word of God” argument is used against homosexuality, despite ignoring context, etc. this is just another passage, following similar logic, that should also be complied with.

Maybe my head’s been warped by one too many conservative stoush.

5 07 2010
Kathryn Crosby

That verse is in a passage condemning such behaviour… so I think you could choose more wisely. But it would be fun to ask the question just to see their facial expressions when they read the passage.

There are passages in the bible that demand murder, promote stoning and slavery, demand that women be silent, submissive and my favourite ‘never in a position of authority over men’ (Sorry Liz, Quennie, Julz, Anna, Krissie, etc). Taking singular phrases of biblical text and applying them literally is always a bad move. The broader message is far more important and what God says directly to each of us who knows him is more important than any words printed in a book.

For example, if one were to follow all of Paul’s explicit instructions we would be a very bleak and depressing community indeed; if we take the broader themes of love, compassion, tolerance, and not allowing others to define what it means to be Christian or prevent us from choosing God, then we have much to celebrate and be thankful for.

(Of course, one could interpret Paul’s seemingly contradictory messages of love, compassion and freedom versus his constant rhetoric against homosexuals and women as indicative of being a repressed homosexual man… desperately wanting to come out but instead feeling forced to feign masculinity by professing contempt for women and homosexuals… but them would be fighten words… :D)

5 07 2010

Yes, I’m being a bit selective in my quoting. I acknowledge it’s not the most honest argument and should really be done in the context of a larger discussion.

e.g. I’ve unfortunately heard two sermons, in two different states, two different denominations, I think it was even in two different decades. Both were using Job (of all books!) to justify prosperity Theology. The more recent one, which I remember selectively quoted a passage (can’t remember the reference), about when you pray you will be blessed with pathways paved in gold, or something similar. The problem was this was a quote from one of Job’s two friends and what at the end of the book we find out to be contrary to God’s intentions. This is nothing more than another selective quote.

We seem to be on the same page regarding using scripture in context. I just occasionally do the opposite to highlight the absurdity of the alternative.

I would agree too with your suggestion of Paul’s repressed homosexuality.

5 07 2010
Kathryn Crosby

>>I would agree too with your suggestion of Paul’s repressed homosexuality.

Then you and I best enter the witness protection program. BTW – congrats on posting comment no 100 on Begin Rant:

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