Begin Rant: When I’m calling misogyny, you know they’ve gone too far

17 06 2014

I’m not often calling someone on misogyny. More often than not, I’m the one siding with the boys and telling the sisterhood to sit down and shut up, because they’re carrying on over nothing, and or deliberately playing the sexism card in a way unbecoming to women. Witness here, here, and here for example.

But Tim Blair, this poll is straight up misogyny, totally unacceptable, and never should have been permitted nor should it have been allowed to stay on the Telegraph’s site (presuming there hadn’t been some level of editorial control to block it in the damn first place, on the grounds that it is your blog).

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Begin Rant: Some reflections on the ‘occupied’ kerfuffle

7 06 2014

For those that missed it, some are claiming there has been a significant shift in foreign policy this week because the Australian Government dropped the word “occupied” when referring to East Jerusalem. That’s not how I read it.

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Begin Rant: Let em go overseas… Time limits are cruel.

30 05 2014

One of the little side debates that has come out of the budget is the outrage that y’all are funding people to live outside of the country on disability pension – shame. As of Jan 1, DSP recipients will have their overseas allowance cut from 6 weeks to 4. (People on Newstart are cut off as soon as they depart – and yes, Immigration tells Centrelink of your departure – details on entitlements re overseas travel here.)

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Begin Rant: The problems of being a daughter of power.

25 05 2014

Now before you get all huffy, I’m not defending Tony Abbott. I’m not getting in to the particularities of his daughter’s situations. I just want to talk about the concept. It is really not easy to be a daughter of a powerful man.

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Begin Rant: Quick thought on GP tax

18 05 2014

Because I’m down to the wire on my thesis I’m only permitting myself a tiny thought in order to relieve some frustration but the vast torrent of blogging I’d like to do about this atrocious budget will not be done because thesis.

What I need to say is that I don’t understand the motive of the GP Tax. Other than a pure ideological wanting to end universal healthcare.

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Begin Rant: Double standards are no way to police

9 05 2014

I was trying so, so hard to stay off the internetz and do my thesis, but while looking for a paper on the NSW Government site I saw they’d just published the new demographic data for the 93 State electorates and I had to share that with Twitter… and unfortunately did so *right* at the moment when it hit the Twitterz that David Gyngell and James Packer were being issued with Criminal Infringement Notices by NSW Police for their little quarrel a few days ago.

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Begin Rant: Bastards, corruption, and the candidate motivation

3 05 2014

ICAC is doing it’s thing, and members of the NSW Government are falling like flies… or at least being swatted from the front bench.

It’s leaving the newly installed NSW State Director of the Liberal Party Tony Nutt with a rather hard job to do for the upcoming election – oh wait… actually, it was always going to be a hard job. Or an impossible job. Or an easy job. Depends how you look at it.

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