Begin Rant: Stacks On Thomson

27 02 2014

This week’s all-in Thomson bash-a-thon in federal parliament may have been politically prudent, with everybody distancing themselves from their newly convicted former colleague, but was it really necessary?

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Begin Rant: Democrats bandwagon jumping belittles both arguments

18 11 2013

Well, the Australian Democrats obsessively insisted on dragging their internal nonsense to court, so of course the melodrama continues. Some background here. 

Australian Democrats B – the lot with the bank accounts but who do not hold the AEC registration – have put out this utterly ludicrous press release, trying to jump on the bandwagon of concern about AEC operations during the Federal Election. Sorry, this Administrative Appeals Tribunal judgement is only about who can be party to the court case… nothing else.

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Begin Rant: Abbott in charge (and you thought Rudd was bad)

17 11 2013

Two months since the election and the first week of parliament down and I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: this is the worst start I’ve ever seen from a new Government or leader, at any level of Governance, in any country, in the 20 or so years I’ve been watching politics.

Others may be able to think of a poorer performance, which is the only reason I’ve qualified it by limiting it to my experience.

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Begin Rant: WA Senate result – does it undermine our entire electoral system?

11 11 2013

I’m not one to agree with Clive Palmer, or at least, I try very hard not to. But it’s hard to disagree that some very significant flaws have appeared in our electoral system in 2013.

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New Choice: how to start with a bang (it’s only been a week)

16 09 2013

A little over a week ago when I put this post up about starting an exploratory committee to assess the viability of forming a new progressive party I expected it would either disappear into the internet never land, or I’d get maybe 5 or 6 half-curious but not overly excited people.

Wow, was I wrong.

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A New Choice.

7 09 2013

The votes are still being counted, but whatever the result, we all seem to be in agreement on one point: this election was soul destroying.

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The Battle in New England 4.0 (final)

1 09 2013

As we enter the final week of the election campaign, it is taking every bit of restraint and grown-upness I have not to jump on a plane and go play in New England.

To recap: read here for original assessment when it was the enormously tight fight between Torbay and Windsor including the above and below the Moonbis theory of mine. Then it was Joyce v Windsor, then Joyce v pretty much no one. With the last minute appearance of Rob Taber, an Armidale local who was born in Inverell and has the solid endorsement of Tony Windsor, the race changed again.

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