Begin Rant: Some ponderings on IS and our involvement in Iraq

17 09 2014

So Tony Abbott continues doing everything he can to be a John Howard Mini-Me including being the hound dog in yet another coalition of the willing intervention in Iraq. Although this time it’s not to take down a Government and destroy an actually fairly decent country with great hospitals and universities on a bogus report of weapons of mass destruction, it’s to deal with this nomenclature challenged terrorist group for the purposes of this post I’ll call IS.

I have some feels on this.

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Begin Rant: Political money is like water… it will find a way through

17 09 2014

While ICAC did its twists and turns and its tentacles reached in to the Liberals these past weeks, the amazed reporting of how the sausage is made continued unabated.

My word, did you know companies and wealthy individuals give money to political parties? And they seem to be given some kind of access in return for their cash?


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At OnLine Opinion: How Loud Do we Have To Scream?

9 09 2014

We will never stop the flow of asylum seekers, because we will never stop war, persecution, and strife. Last week one of them died because we locked him up in Manus Island and he cut his foot.  Read more on OnLine Opinion

Begin Rant: Land clearing only tip of farming issues undealt with

13 08 2014

It is always an incredibly sad thing when anyone loses their life, particularly when going about their job. As someone who enjoyed their time working with the union movement and has a bit of a thing for OH&S, it’s something that always angers me. My heart genuinely goes out to Glen Turner’s family colleagues; there are no words that can console your loss.

That being said, the purpose of this post is, I’m afraid, to talk about the problem that led to the situation, so if that’s going to upset you, go back to Facebook or turn off the Internet now, because I’m going to say it anyway. I find those who suggest we shouldn’t be talking about the issue of land clearing and the native vegetation laws, or the extraordinary harassment of the Turnbulls, but only talk about what a great guy the deceased was, to be just guilty of wanting to decide their own facts. Because that’s simply not the reality of the situation. 

Of course, there is no justification for what has happened, and I’m not trying to do that. I just want to look at the whole picture, rather than one tiny sliver of it, and discuss the real issue, rather than a single matter before the courts that we probably shouldn’t be discussing anyway.

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Begin Rant: Pondering the Government’s mid-week Take-Out-The-Not-So-Trash

7 08 2014

There are only so many column inches, so the theory goes, and no one reads the paper on Saturdays, so on Friday (or Sunday and thus Saturday, depending on your beliefs/media in your region), you release a whole bunch of stories to bury the real story you don’t want anyone to actually cover. If you give them six stories instead of one to put in their limited column inches, the journalists won’t research it, thus no one will look. It’s called taking out the trash, and it’s a time honoured tactic.

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Begin Rant: A cautionary tale in outrage management

30 07 2014

If you missed the weekend’s announcement, the New Choice Committee has completed the exploratory phase and determined to go ahead with planning a new political party and, a somewhat unexpected result for most of you, we’ll be launching a separate think tank as well.

There are a couple of ways to look at this. Either, it is the successful conclusion of a challenging exploratory process that at several points didn’t look like it was going anywhere ; or, it’s a cautionary tale in effective outrage management.

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Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use

25 07 2014

I’m a pretty big fan of letting people do whatever the hell they want with their lives – it’s a core part of being the ‘little l’ liberal that I am. So you may think that my position of being against the legalisation of marijuana for medical use is inconsistent with that.

And that may be fair. But as with each issue that comes up, I examine all the evidence that’s before me and make a judgement call both in terms of the values I hold dear – like individual freedom – the facts of the situation, and what’s right: what’s good for the community, and in this case, our duty of care for young people in the community.

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