Begin Rant: Are we doing renewables a disservice by talking about them in a climate change frame?

24 10 2014

As the news come that the government wants to cut the Renewable Energy Target (lunacy… breathe…) and cut back the transition to renewable technology (except solar… follow the money?) I found myself pondering again today whether we are doing renewable energy, and indeed our future, a great disservice by pitching the issue through the frame of climate change.

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Begin Rant: Seizing Whitlam’s Spirit… and running with it.

22 10 2014

There’s something a little bit spooky about the great Edward Gough Whitlam passing the very week we launch the Australian Progressive Party. Whitlam was this country’s greatest true progressive.

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Begin Rant: Reclaiming Progressive

15 10 2014

As part of the background work in announcing the establishment of the Australian Progressive Party I emailed all of the old Democrats I had in my address book. A couple of thousand of them.

The responses to the news have been overwhelmingly positive – many people quite happily signed up as members, many more joined the email list, or fired a whole heap of questions. The old organisers sent through helpful information of who to talk to and many forwarded the information on to others. It’s been great to do some catching up with old friends, burying a few hatchets, and getting to know a number of people I didn’t know well before but who had perhaps just been on the email list or volunteered once.

One of the most common questions we’ve had is how are you going to be different to the Greens?

This question makes me sigh almost every time. Because we’re not really anything like the Greens. The Greens aren’t progressive.

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Freedom and rights too big for micro platform

5 10 2014

The micro party is an odd thing, and at the moment we have way too many of them. Witness: the size of the last Senate ballot paper. And with the taste of a double dissolution periodically coming up like last night’s bad curry, following the random results of the last election and a volatile Senate, there will probably be more of them pop up into existence as they all try their hand at Senate preference lotto – I know of at least 5 in the last 6 months in addition to the Australian Progressive Party.

Some groups are rightly micro parties. If your thing is shooting or fishing or Christianity or sport or a bullet train or whatever, a micro party can be an effective way to get it on to the agenda.

But we currently have a glut of micro parties that are actually talking about liberty.

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Politicians afraid of being viewed by religious women don’t deserve their seat in Canberra

2 10 2014

I am more than outraged to learn this afternoon that the Department of Parliamentary Services, the department that manages things around parliament house, will require anyone wearing facial coverings to sit in the enclosed glass rooms rather than in the open public galleries if they wish to view parliament.

News coverage: SMH ABC Australian

I have only one thing to say about that: Dear politician, if you are so chicken shit scared of a religious woman who is *incredibly brave* to hold such a level of observance, then you don’t deserve your seat in Canberra. Resign now, and give it up to someone with the character all Australians should demand of their politicians.

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Begin Rant: Some ponderings on IS and our involvement in Iraq

17 09 2014

So Tony Abbott continues doing everything he can to be a John Howard Mini-Me including being the hound dog in yet another coalition of the willing intervention in Iraq. Although this time it’s not to take down a Government and destroy an actually fairly decent country with great hospitals and universities on a bogus report of weapons of mass destruction, it’s to deal with this nomenclature challenged terrorist group for the purposes of this post I’ll call IS.

I have some feels on this.

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Begin Rant: Political money is like water… it will find a way through

17 09 2014

While ICAC did its twists and turns and its tentacles reached in to the Liberals these past weeks, the amazed reporting of how the sausage is made continued unabated.

My word, did you know companies and wealthy individuals give money to political parties? And they seem to be given some kind of access in return for their cash?


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