Begin Rant: A cautionary tale in outrage management

30 07 2014

If you missed the weekend’s announcement, the New Choice Committee has completed the exploratory phase and determined to go ahead with planning a new political party and, a somewhat unexpected result for most of you, we’ll be launching a separate think tank as well.

There are a couple of ways to look at this. Either, it is the successful conclusion of a challenging exploratory process that at several points didn’t look like it was going anywhere ; or, it’s a cautionary tale in effective outrage management.

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Begin Rant: In opposition to legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use

25 07 2014

I’m a pretty big fan of letting people do whatever the hell they want with their lives – it’s a core part of being the ‘little l’ liberal that I am. So you may think that my position of being against the legalisation of marijuana for medical use is inconsistent with that.

And that may be fair. But as with each issue that comes up, I examine all the evidence that’s before me and make a judgement call both in terms of the values I hold dear – like individual freedom – the facts of the situation, and what’s right: what’s good for the community, and in this case, our duty of care for young people in the community.

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Begin Rant: The EasyCount code – why it just can’t be public

23 07 2014

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I’ve been struggling for some time with the repeated calls and FOI requests for the release of the code that does the allocation of Senate preferences for federal elections – a program called EasyCount.

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Begin Rant: When I’m calling misogyny, you know they’ve gone too far

17 06 2014

I’m not often calling someone on misogyny. More often than not, I’m the one siding with the boys and telling the sisterhood to sit down and shut up, because they’re carrying on over nothing, and or deliberately playing the sexism card in a way unbecoming to women. Witness here, here, and here for example.

But Tim Blair, this poll is straight up misogyny, totally unacceptable, and never should have been permitted nor should it have been allowed to stay on the Telegraph’s site (presuming there hadn’t been some level of editorial control to block it in the damn first place, on the grounds that it is your blog).

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Begin Rant: Some reflections on the ‘occupied’ kerfuffle

7 06 2014

For those that missed it, some are claiming there has been a significant shift in foreign policy this week because the Australian Government dropped the word “occupied” when referring to East Jerusalem. That’s not how I read it.

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Begin Rant: Let em go overseas… Time limits are cruel.

30 05 2014

One of the little side debates that has come out of the budget is the outrage that y’all are funding people to live outside of the country on disability pension – shame. As of Jan 1, DSP recipients will have their overseas allowance cut from 6 weeks to 4. (People on Newstart are cut off as soon as they depart – and yes, Immigration tells Centrelink of your departure – details on entitlements re overseas travel here.)

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Begin Rant: The problems of being a daughter of power.

25 05 2014

Now before you get all huffy, I’m not defending Tony Abbott. I’m not getting in to the particularities of his daughter’s situations. I just want to talk about the concept. It is really not easy to be a daughter of a powerful man.

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